The Comos complete their EP!

On Monday March 6th 2017, we completed tracking the EP for The Comos.    In one 12 hour long session (8AM-8PM) we were able to successfully complete five full songs!  We were able to bounce ideas around, capture a vibe for the record, and really connect on a professional level in order to successfully complete this EP together.  "Catch" and "Adams Ave" performed at Groove U's Instaband final, are among the list of tunes we recorded for this EP!

One interesting thing we would like to share about our session with The Comos is the fact that these guys are multi-instrumentalists as well!  Singer/Guitarist, Stan, hopped on drums for a couple songs while Patrick went from bass to the guitar, and keyboardist Seth hopped on the bass.  It was cool to see that the chemistry was all there no matter who was playing what instrument.  It really showed these guys are young talented musicians.  Each one of them have their own style that they bring to the table, and the best part is they all write too! 

Be on the lookout for when these EP's will be dropping, and be sure to follow The Comos  on all social media for news and updates!  Also, don't forget to follow Elementary Records on all social media for more news, blogs, updates, photos, announcements, etc.!  

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