Meet the D2D lineup & two more Special Guests!

As we're  inching closer to April 29th, 2017 the excitement continues to grow.  Mixes are starting to come together, we're at the tail end of tracking the remainder bands, and we couldn't be more proud with all that our team has accomplished during this long challenging project.  Since day one we have been putting all we have into this project and it is really starting to show!  We are just a few short weeks away from the event and we want to remind you guys to get your tickets now!   

Announcing D2D 2017 Lineup!

Demo Session #1 - 12:00pm                                    

Demo Session #2 - 3:00pm                                                        

Demo Session #2 - 3:00pm                    

Doors for Live Show - 6:00pm

Kenzie Johnston - 6-30pm

Ever Burning Bright - 7:30pm

The Comos - 8:30pm

Zoo Trippin' - 9:30pm

Meet two more Special Guests!


Kyle Merkley - Director of Music and Technology at Arpix Media

Kyle Merkley - Director of Music and Technology at Arpix Media

We are fortunate enough to be able to have Mr. Kyle Merkley share his knowledge of the music industry at our demo sessions.  Kyle is the music supervisor for Arpix Media, which is a music supervision, licensing & related services to the entertainment industry.  Kyle also coordinates everyone's needs from creative, music editing and delivery, to also anything that has to do with the internet.  We are very honored to have Kyle share his vast knowledge on the industry, as well as making the trip down from Toronto, Canada!


Bill Patterson - Owner/Composer at Wet Sounds Music

Wet Sounds Music owner, Bill Patterson, will be joining the list of special guest at our event!

Former Associate Producer at CIRCA MUSIC, having spent most of his time composing music and providing audio post-production to many national advertisers.  Patterson also has sold, associate-produced, and written music for national broadcast campaigns.  Impressively, Bill has negotiated licensing rights with artists such as James Brown, The Beach Boys, and The Allman Brothers just to name a few!  We are incredibly excited to hear what Bill Patterson has to bring to the table at Dusk2Dawn!

We want to thank each and every one of our special guests!  We are so honored to be blessed with such professionals that are willing to participate in our project that we have been working on for a few months now.  It has been a long trip and we're near the finish line, but don't forget we still have two more special guests to announce!  STAY TUNED!



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