DUSK2Dawn: The Show

April 29th, 2017

Demo Sessions 12 PM

Doors 6 PM

All proceeds made from the event will go to support WCBE 90.5! 


The concert

It's been an unofficial staple of our yearly projects to have a live show. It's a chance to reflect on everything we've worked on, but also a chance for the bands we recorded to do what they were made to do.


But this year we're adding a little spice in the form of:

demo sessions

sxsw sessions pic 1.jpg

What are Demo Sessions?

Usually held at music industry conferences like SXSW, demo sessions allow artists to hear honest feedback on their music direct from a panel of music industry professionals like producers, A&R reps, talent buyers, or music supervisors.

We will announce our panel in the weeks leading up to the show date. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

How are we doing it?

The day of the show, on April 29th, we will allow ANY of our artists participating in Dusk2Dawn to have a 15 minute slot with our industry panel. 5 minutes to play your best track on the EP you recorded, 10 minutes of feedback.

We will have 2 sessions on April 29th, one starting at 12 PM, the other at 3 PM.
Session Slot Signups will be available.